Constitution of Cambridge Riichi Mahjong Club

Constitution of Cambridge Riichi Mahjong Club

  1. Name and Objectives

    The club shall be called "Cambridge Riichi Mahjong Club" (CRMC). The objectives of the CRMC shall be to enable, facilitate and promote the playing of Riichi mahjong in Cambridge.

  2. Composition and Membership

    1. The CRMC shall consist of individual members.
    2. Membership is automatically awarded to anyone who has completed at least one game at a meeting in the last two years.
    3. Individual membership is lost if that individual does not complete a game at a meeting for two years, unless this is waived by a simple majority of the executive.

  3. Governing Body

    1. The governing body of the CRMC shall be an elected Executive.
    2. The executive shall be made up of the Chair.
    3. The holders of these posts must be distinct humanoids, and members of the club.

  4. The Executive

    1. Members of the executive have the power to:
      1. Deal with all business of CRMC and decide on policy.
      2. Ensure that the aims of the CRMC (as set out above) are carried out.
      3. Be the final authority for interpretation of the game and the rules at all events held by the club.
      4. Form sub-committees for any purpose.
      5. Appoint, if needed, further members of the executive
      6. Deal with urgent business of the CRMC. If needed, these should be ratified at a subsequent General Meeting.
      7. Do anything ancilliary to or connected with the above powers.
      8. Attend ex-officio any sub-committee meeting.
    2. Duties of the Officers forming the Executive:
      1. The Chair shall be responsible for calling all meetings of the Executive and General Meetings and shall act as chairman at said meetings. He shall have unlimited authority over every question of order, unless challenged by a simple majority of the members present. On all voting matters, in the case of a tie, the Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to his ordinary vote. In addition, the Chair shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive and of General Meetings, will look after all correspondence of the CRMC.

  5. General Meetings

    1. The quorum of a General Meeting shall be three (3) members, including the executive.
    2. Votes may not be proxied at a General Meeting. All members are entitled to one (1) vote.
    3. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held once a year (usually in April).
    4. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be held at the request of not fewer than two members. This must be held within one month of the request being received.
    5. Both EGMs and AGMs require that notice of not less than one (1) week be provided to all members of the club, including the date, time, location and agenda of the meeting. This notice will set the agenda for the meeting.
    6. Motions may be proposed either in advance of a meeting, or during Any Other Business. These must be seconded by another member to be voted upon.
    7. Motions require a simple majority to pass, unless they involve a change to the constitution, in which case a two-thirds majority is needed.
    8. All posts in the executive will be up for election at each AGM. The incumbants will vacate their post as of the end of the AGM (unless re-elected). There are no term limits on any post. Casual vacancies of executive posts will trigger an EGM.
    9. All General Meetings shall be minuted by the Chair (or a proxy), and these shall be distributed to the members within one (1) week of the meeting.

  6. Alterations to the Constitution

    Changes to the constitution may only be made at a General Meeting, as described above.

  7. Conditions Governing Players

    The Executive has full power to suspend any player who fails to comply with any of the following conditions:

    1. A player must at all times abide by the constitution and authority of the CRMC.
    2. When playing at an event in the jurisdiction of another authority, a player is required to abide by the rules of that authority.

  8. Rules of Mahjong

    The rules to which mahjong is played at events held by the club may be amended only by a General Meeting.

  9. Dissolution

    Upon dissolution of CRMC its assets, after all debts and liabilities are paid, shall be distributed in accordance with the wishes of those voting at a General Meeting.

This constitution was ratified by the AGM of April 2014.